Over 40+ in Portugal!

Now we´ve been in Portugal for a week, two more to go! Visiting my fiancés family, enjoying the beach and sun at Costa da Caparica outside Lisbon, where me and Tiago had an apartment before move back to the scandinavian countries.

Its always nice to come back. And. You feel you miss it. But we need to stay in Norway because of job of Tiago over there. But we are here around 2-3 month every year so it´s ok. 😉

Time to do lunch, then go to beach, swim in the oceans and later run with our dog Happy at the beach! 🙂
Take care! /Yasmin

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Photos from the amazing Belém in Lissbon today!

What a beautiful day it has been! Sunny and warm outside and me and Tiago went in to Lissbon to Belém to see the amazing palace and a lot more! Some photos for you to enjoy:


How warm is it in your country?


Today has been a really sunny and warm day here in south of Europe. I borrowed the cap of Tiago, hehe. (Thank you baby). ;-P And my grandma who normally is afraid of dogs is really falling inlove with our dog Happy and they are sooo cute together!


A nice day… flowers, sun, family and a good mood!



The fresh & healthy start


Every day is a blessing. It´s just up to ourself to take a choice how to handle the blessing. A blessing it´s not always the “easy way” but it is always the right way. I love this day today.

I wake up with a nice sleepmorning and then a yummie homepressed juice of sunny oranges. A warm shower after that and then a longer walk with our dog Happy in the sun and flowers. So nice weather today; warm and cosy!

Now it´s time for lunch before I and Tiago will go in to Lisbon and meet up my grandma and auntie and eat dinner with them. They are on their way to Brazil for vaccation but have one night in Lisbon before the plane goes on tomorrow again!

Have a great day and take your choice! 😉