Family, business, fixing and creating

Time to travel back. Im on the bus: Bye Sweden, hi Norway. It has been 3 great days with family, business, fixing and creating. And of course- meet my mother who has been 5 month in Thailand! 😉 ❤








Busy business-days in Sweden next week!

Next week I am traveling to Gothenburg, Sweden for a few days. And my days will be so busy with PT-clients, a testgroup with a new project I am testing in my company, business-meeting with a big company for another really fun project, and another meeting with trainingcompany for maybe a partnership. And one more meeting with Business in Heart in the morning at the same day I will travel back here to Portugal.

In top of this I will mabe travel to Stockholm over a day for one or two other business-meetings! And of course, in gothenburg, I will have time to spend with my family! So, like I said- it will be busy days over there! But fun ones!! 😀 And… it will be nice to finally speak some swedish again… 😉

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Training my grip as Spiderman (women)!


Sometimes I think the gym can be to boring but instead of NOT going to the gym I need to do “my” own trainings and be a bit more creative. Then it becomes more fun to be there! 🙂IMG_2882

And when you loose your motivation it is good to have your other “better half” there to motivate and push you and do the trainings together. =) ❤IMG_2860 t2


I travel to Portugal in two weeks

In less then two weeks me, my finase Tiago and our dog will go to stockholm and then travel to Portugal to celebrate christmas. It will be great. I miss our family (his family). =)



I will give some trainings to clients over there as well. And of course, do some training my self AND relax. And eat good food in the sun. 😉 Nice.

My company goes well even if it still is a lot of work but not so much money, yet. But I started it alone, this summer so I can´t expect more. But I do what I love and I know I am good at it. That is enough for me for now. 😉 But of course, sometimes is it hard times. It feels like I dont have enough energy. But I guess it is like that for most of the entepeneurs, especially in the start.


I have the best job ever!

Today I gived the first of two Mixed Fitness Training-classes I will give to Team Power Women this weekend. They were awesome and I am so proud over them! 🙂 You can find more picture at their website here: and at my website:


Above fr. left: Emma S, Lisa and Puck. Three women from Team Power Women.

Tomorrow will it be more bodycontrol and strength for them! 😉

I love my job så much. Its amazing… and every sekund of the “boring-paper-work-that-you-need-to-do-as-an-entrepeneur” is worth it when you come to the room and give trainings to people and see their results get achieved and developed!


Above: Puck is training static and physical grip strength!

My fitnesscompany will make Team Power Women ready for Tough Mudder 2013!


Read about how my fitnesscompany – Visio Fitness – will make the Teamp Power Women ready for the hardcore competiotion Toug Mudder here (copied text from my website :

“Tough Mudder events are hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie. With the most innovative courses, half a million inspiring participants, and more than $3 million raised for the Wounded Warrior Project, Tough Mudder is the premier adventure challenge series in the world.”

Visio Fitness is pleased to present our latest collaboration with Team Power Women to participate in Tough Mudder 2013, which among other things we Visio fitness will provide training, Mixed Fitness Training, to get them ready for the big challenge next year! We will focus on bringing up their agility, body control and raw power in dynamic exercises to help them to cope with this tough obstacle maximum physically and mentally in a fun way!

Team Power Women writes on his page: “By participating in the Tough Mudder get the feeling of maximum performance, discover a team spirit that is hard to get these days and have great fun along the way. We shall, through fire, ice and electricity. “

Do you create shapes with Your body?


I hope I will always will be gifted to move my body in a creative way. I want to keep use it, train it, live it and create with it. Create shapes in all different ways. I love it.

Do You use and create with your body? Don´t answer me. Answer yourself. And if No- make it to a yes! Don´t “wait” for the oppurtunity or talent to come to you. MAKE it and CREATE it!