Today I felt bad and weak.


Some days, like today, you should stay home from the training. I thought I would feel better in the gym than the other two trainings I did last week (wich ones was the first since 5-6 weeks) but I was wrong: I almost vomit and I was dissy. Everything was blurry and my stomach was not so good. I did only one round without stop (but split up) with 20 jumping to the box, 55 push-ups, 65 squats and 40 burpees, 500 meters row x 3 and then stretching. After this I was like dead! I dont understand… =/ My asthma was worse today as well. And. I still dont find my asthma-medicine!!! =S

Yes, I can sit here and say “It was good that I aleast did SOME training” but I feel now that this was one of the days I loosed more than I developed. And my self-confidence was lower today after the training. And I got more pain in my body. And I felt weak and bad. But I know it will pass. And I learned even more about myself today, with my limits and more. That was good. Sooo, now after this blogpost I actually realized that this was probably worth it anyway. Haha, good! =P





My back if a bit sour today so I took it easy at todays training: only warm-up with the row-machine and stretching. Or, I did some training for my calfs and abdominis as well but only light training more for the bloodcirculation.

I´ve had some tough days the latest. Sleep and dream bad, short patience, dont eat so good etc… Not so fantastic no. But it is just to keep on going forward and do the best I can in all situations. The good thing with some “bad” days is that I at least is learning from it even if it is frustrated to feel “bad”. 😉

Time to plan the music for the tomorrows dance class!


Hardcore leg-workout!

Goodmorning world! Yesterday I did a hardcore workout for my legs and I already had musclepain YESTERDAY so you can guess how it will feel for me today!? Haha, nice!

I combined leg-exercises in the normal gym machines with more funktional, dynamic movements on the floor with 2 kg weights on each footwrist and one 10kg weigth plate (?) in my arms. I did different exercises as:

  • QuadricepsNormal squats (3×20)
  • Squats with lifting on leg straight/ horizontally to the side (3×15 each leg. Holding up the leg 2-3seconds every lift)
  • Squats and lift the leg and bent backwards (3×10 each leg. Holding up the leg 2 seconds every lift)
  • + four other leg-exercises that I dont know how to explain
  • + Exercises for abdominis (four different exercises)
  • (+ the gym-machines; adductor (inside) leg, leg press and one more I dont now the name on, haha! But its for the quadriceps)

After this- of course a good stretch and sauna and a looooot of water. Today is restingday and Tiago is working all day. Time to work for me as well!

Have a beautiful morning!



My breakfast; yummie!

Gym, christmasgifts & Lisbon

It´s cloudy here in Portugal but it´s ok. Now we and Tiago will go to the gym, training strength and some stretching & sauna at Scape Life & Sensations here in Santarém and then go in to Lisbon to buy christmas-gifts. ❤Imagey2