The gypsy-couple goes Norway!

Bye Sweden. Now we goes to Norway! It’s fun- the last 3 (?) weeks we’ve been in 3 different countries; Portugal, Sweden and now today Norway. And to travel like this with my love, Tiago, is amazing!

We joke and call ourselves for the “gypsy couple“; We’re always on our way somewhere and with bags on our backs. Hehe. In Norway we will be training (mma, bjj, sw, boxing, kickboxing etc) and enjoying the nature. It will be great. I will keep you updated with pictures when I am at the hotel with internet!




Workout at a outside-gym in Sweden

Today me and Tiago went to try a outside-gym here in Stockholm at Björkhagen. “Street/monkey” training, “normal” gym-exercises and stretching was combined with a beautiful weather and snow in the Swedish woods and nature around us. It was fun! 😀



Hi Sweden!



My love Tiago and me 



Above: Me and our dog Happy yesterday in Portugal.

Now I´m in Sweden. It is sooo COLD!! And it is the first time I see snow since last winter! Haha, I feel like a tourist in my own homecountry. And I actually am! Haha!



And this morning I had my friend and the thaiboxer Linnea Skåpdal as my first PT-client to give one hour stretching. She got her one hour BUT my phone died during the night (battery) so no alarm-clock woke me up this morning so I came late. Needed to take a taxi! But we had time so she didn´t loose her time at least. And she looked happy with the stretching. And if she is happy I am happy! =)



After this I went for eat lunchwith my beautiful friend Johanna and her son Dante (They and her husband was visiting us in Portugal in december if you remembered?) at Café Kosmos (who is one of my partners for Visio Fitness). So nice to see you again sweetheart and also you cutie Dante! Now I shall spend time mith my grandma! Have a nice day!