Photos: life in Norway








Hi Norway! (Pictures)


Photos from the amazing Belém in Lissbon today!

What a beautiful day it has been! Sunny and warm outside and me and Tiago went in to Lissbon to Belém to see the amazing palace and a lot more! Some photos for you to enjoy:


Pictures from Crossfit-competition yesterday!

Here you get some photos from the small crossfit-competition here in Portugal in our gym Scape. And both Nuno the brother of Tiago and Tiago himself was also competing so that was fun to be in the same competition together as both of them. And as Tiago said about him and me: “This was the first of many competitions that we will do together baby!” 🙂 ❤

So true amor! 😉


Sitting and waiting for your turn. And after the competition some of us were almost collapsed haha, and some of us (read especially Tiago and his brother Nuno) was joking around before they started! Haha! Love you guys!



Two days of storm here in Portugal.

So, finally, we had some sun and blue sky after the two days of the storm. Broken trees, no electricity or water, destroyed cars, signs and roads  the city, cancelled flights and more… (good that it is 2 weeks until I will travel to sweden with a flight!)



The wind was up in 130km/h. And Tiagos brother saw a small tornado in the middle of the night outside after he heard a really loud sound moving around outside the house! But with candlelights, fire, doing food on gas etc we did it good and sometimes actually the electricity came back for some hours. =) Today OUR house is working normal but places around the city is still black…


Above: This one should NOT stand there…
IMG_4026 IMG_4027


Sun and blue sky is on the way! (But at this moment it is all cloudy and windy again) Haha!