Create your own gym in the gym

You Can use the gym as normal and you Can create your own way of using it. 😉



Superman (women) with weights!

Yesterdays training was for my back. I did the boring gym-machines (it so boring but I need it!) and ended with some more fun exercises as Superman (women!) on a “half ball” with 3kg dumbbells each hand and 2 kg weights on each footwrist.


And after that, some “superwomen” with twisting my upperbody as much as I could and with straight arms. Tough one, for the whole body! But fun! 😉


Ps. It has been storm here in Portugal tonight with a tornardo!! I will put out some pictures tonight or tomorrow. And from the training I did today in the pool.


Creative combinations

I love exercises where you are training more than only one musclegroup at the same time!

Combinations of dynamical movements- Mmm, yummie for the body (and mind!)! Martial arts, dance and acrobatics has been my passion my whole life and it expects your body to perfom in “all” angels and be strong and functional. So because of that I started to be more creative, more simple or advanced, in my normal workouts so I could work with the “whole” body at the same time; exactly what you need most of the times in all my “passion-sports”.

Yesterday I did a “simple” workout focusing on triceps and abdominis. One of the exercises was as you can see at the pictures below:Image

Step 1: Place your body as picture above with only your heals touching the boll.


Step 2: Bend your arms as picture and let your triceps workout.


Step 3: Straight your right leg so your calf touching the boll. At the same time you straight your left leg and lift it up against the roof as much as you can (and still keeping your arms bended) for 10-15 seconds.

Step 4: Put back the leg on the boll and put your body as the positions of step 2 and then to step 1. Now – Repeat all the steps (but lift the other leg so both legs get to training). Do this 3×10 each leg.

My photos in middle of the gym!


Today I found myself in the screen in the middle of the gym. I will start giving Dance improvisation with my company Visio Fitness tomorrow here in Scape – Health & sensations in Portugal so I was not surprised but it is always a little bit “nervous” to see a lot of different photos of yourself in a place where I am training in the gym most of the days a week… I mean- everyone will see this pictures and then see you when you are training private… Haha, I hope I dont look to scary irl for them! 😛

Now I need to keep working and put the last music together for the class tomorrow!

Take care!

❤ /Yasmin



Sick = no training = more planning for Visio Fitness!


” Now it feels like I have my head upside down all the time.”

This night started without any sleep. Thoughts. Mostly about more healthy recipes, good training and exercises for Maria, my next PT-client. I couldn´t stop thinking! After a few hours of turning around in the bed like a baby, sitting up a lot and hard to breethe I could finally fall asleep. But the nightmares of the fever I got this night has been my “company” all the time until I wake up. Now it feels like I have my head upside down all the time. Swollen and sick.

So today there will only be one place for me- home in the sofa with a lot of fruits, tea and warm blankets! And of course I will work extra with my new website for my company Visio Fitness as well! The new layout and pictures etc will be published in less then one week! 😀 Great!

Have a nice day!

Dance in Portugal


Dance in PortugalIMG_7230 IMG_7242

Today we took some pictures of me dancing some improvisation dance. It was so nice to finally have time and place to dance in… ❤ ❤ ❤