Crossfit or not?

A few years ago I saw crossfit and since then I´ve always wanted to try but I never did. Of seweral reasons. But the more I see it and hear about it my “reasons-of-not-to-go” starts to get further back in my head and my interest for it starts to get “first in line”…


So now, here I am, looking everywhere for crossfit-inspiration on internet, youtube, websites, photos and my own thougths that I think that my body actually could be really good at it at the same time I think that would motivate me to train more in a way that my body needs. As long as I really listen to it, do it with 100% techniques and so on, it will be great! Only thing is if my d*mn asthma will be a problem for me…?

One of the Crossfit-clubs in Sweden (gothenburg) that is one of the places where I get my inspiration from, is Crossfit Göta. And the guys who has it, specially Marcus, has inspired me more than he think since we worked at the same gym- Fysiken. There he workes as a Personal Trainer (and he is awesome!) and with crossfit etc. Hopefully I will get to go there for a class with them now when I will be in Sweden in february for a few days. =)

Photo: Me is easy trying some exercises with light weights to see how it felt.


Two days of storm here in Portugal.

So, finally, we had some sun and blue sky after the two days of the storm. Broken trees, no electricity or water, destroyed cars, signs and roads  the city, cancelled flights and more… (good that it is 2 weeks until I will travel to sweden with a flight!)



The wind was up in 130km/h. And Tiagos brother saw a small tornado in the middle of the night outside after he heard a really loud sound moving around outside the house! But with candlelights, fire, doing food on gas etc we did it good and sometimes actually the electricity came back for some hours. =) Today OUR house is working normal but places around the city is still black…


Above: This one should NOT stand there…
IMG_4026 IMG_4027


Sun and blue sky is on the way! (But at this moment it is all cloudy and windy again) Haha!

Superman (women) with weights!

Yesterdays training was for my back. I did the boring gym-machines (it so boring but I need it!) and ended with some more fun exercises as Superman (women!) on a “half ball” with 3kg dumbbells each hand and 2 kg weights on each footwrist.


And after that, some “superwomen” with twisting my upperbody as much as I could and with straight arms. Tough one, for the whole body! But fun! 😉


Ps. It has been storm here in Portugal tonight with a tornardo!! I will put out some pictures tonight or tomorrow. And from the training I did today in the pool.


It´s already 12 years of coaching!

When I was 14 years old I started to instruct training-classes for the fist time for “real”- both in clubs and in a school. That was twelve years ago. Since then I´ve gived sooooo many grouptrainings, pt-sessions, workshops etc. in capoeira, acrobatic, dance, theatre, mixed fitness training, danceimprovisation, bjj, physical training and a lot more! And today I have my own fitness-company (Visio Fitness) both in Sweden and in Portugal!


Above: A photo with some amazing girls for my companys website

Photo: Andreas Bruzelius

I love it. It´s nothing that can make me so happy than to see other people be happy, healthy, move their body and appreciate themselfs and at the same time they get INSPIRED to achieve their dreams and goals! Wow, I really, really love to see people succeed..! It´s amazing… ❤


Photo: After one PT-training with me this girls from Team Power Women seems to be happy, yes? They are preparing themselfs for the hard Tough Mudder 2013!

Today it will be the second time I give Dance Improvisation here in Portugal. I speak both english and portugise in the class. That´s fun and a bit strange but it works and they laugh (and so do I). Hahaha! =D


Photo: I give a PT group-session in Mixed Fitness Training.

My photos in middle of the gym!


Today I found myself in the screen in the middle of the gym. I will start giving Dance improvisation with my company Visio Fitness tomorrow here in Scape – Health & sensations in Portugal so I was not surprised but it is always a little bit “nervous” to see a lot of different photos of yourself in a place where I am training in the gym most of the days a week… I mean- everyone will see this pictures and then see you when you are training private… Haha, I hope I dont look to scary irl for them! 😛

Now I need to keep working and put the last music together for the class tomorrow!

Take care!

❤ /Yasmin



Important with various training!



Photo: Puck, one of my pt-clients in action

Both the super-PT and one of my biggest inspiration-sources Jillian Michaels (click her name to go to an interview with her. Ps. Only in swedish) and the biggest, swedish trainingblogs writer Terese Alvén (click the name to se an article with her) sais it:

It´s important to have various training!

I so do I say! That has been my motto since I was a kid. With variuos trainingforms/exercises your body will never get used to only the same movements every time and that will make you get new musclepain in new places = the whole body get a good workout! It will also stimulate you mind (you wont get tired to to the same movements etc).

That is what my own trainingform Mixed Fitness Training is a lot about: to do various and different movements to let you body become strong, flexible and healthy in a effective and challenging way! Check out my website and see for yourself:! (Both in swedish and in english)

Have a beautiful day!


Hardcore leg-workout!

Goodmorning world! Yesterday I did a hardcore workout for my legs and I already had musclepain YESTERDAY so you can guess how it will feel for me today!? Haha, nice!

I combined leg-exercises in the normal gym machines with more funktional, dynamic movements on the floor with 2 kg weights on each footwrist and one 10kg weigth plate (?) in my arms. I did different exercises as:

  • QuadricepsNormal squats (3×20)
  • Squats with lifting on leg straight/ horizontally to the side (3×15 each leg. Holding up the leg 2-3seconds every lift)
  • Squats and lift the leg and bent backwards (3×10 each leg. Holding up the leg 2 seconds every lift)
  • + four other leg-exercises that I dont know how to explain
  • + Exercises for abdominis (four different exercises)
  • (+ the gym-machines; adductor (inside) leg, leg press and one more I dont now the name on, haha! But its for the quadriceps)

After this- of course a good stretch and sauna and a looooot of water. Today is restingday and Tiago is working all day. Time to work for me as well!

Have a beautiful morning!



My breakfast; yummie!