The best for my body: Thaiboxing



One of the few sports that actually works good for my body since my injury is thaiboxing. Here I can have more control over my “own” body instead of Bjj, mma etc where I need to go close contact with the bodies. In the thaiboxing it´s not the same bodycontact so it works good for my back.

But. Of course my back is extra sensitive sometimes and get pain anyway. So then it is only to take it easy, to rehab, take walks and rest when needed. Yesterday it was a really sunny and nice weather here in Norway where I am right now.

So Tiago, my fiancé, gaved me some Pt-training outside. That was really nice. Today it´s raining so I will stay home and work. But with chocolate, coffee and nice animals running around outside it is a good day anyway. 😉

Musclepain vs one hour more training

Yesterdays musclepain didn’t stop us from Training today again. But my mind almost did but Tiago helped my motivation so after a fast powernap and coffee we went out back to the outside gym at Björkhagen, Stockholm. But I was sour today I can tell..! Haha!

One hour training in the sun was enough. Rest of the day was filled with working with my company Visio Fitness. Time to sleep. Goodnight.




Two days of storm here in Portugal.

So, finally, we had some sun and blue sky after the two days of the storm. Broken trees, no electricity or water, destroyed cars, signs and roads  the city, cancelled flights and more… (good that it is 2 weeks until I will travel to sweden with a flight!)



The wind was up in 130km/h. And Tiagos brother saw a small tornado in the middle of the night outside after he heard a really loud sound moving around outside the house! But with candlelights, fire, doing food on gas etc we did it good and sometimes actually the electricity came back for some hours. =) Today OUR house is working normal but places around the city is still black…


Above: This one should NOT stand there…
IMG_4026 IMG_4027


Sun and blue sky is on the way! (But at this moment it is all cloudy and windy again) Haha!