A productive day with inspiration and pepp!

Yesterday I had a really great productive day with Visio Fitness. I got a lot done and a lot of good mails responding to me. I have new ideas for the company- some is to keep on working on unofficial until it is done and the right time to share it with you. And some ideas is on their way to be official. Soon. New partners, new projects and new things but all with the same drivingforce and purpose: To inspire people to get more health, training and motivation in their lifes so they can become the best of themself in all ways!



Pictures from Sweden, Visio Fitness and networking!


The historical Convent of Christ in Portugal


Me and Tiago went to the Convent of Christ here in Portugal. It was soo beautiful, wow!! Here you have some photos from the magical place:


Above: This place made me remind me about life and this qvote I wrote on the photo…


Below: Yes, you know me- I can´t just walk around “normally” on my feets in this world without spreading some acrobatics everywhere in small doses. ;-P




Following text is from Wikipedia; a description about the Convent of the Christ:

“The Convent of the Order of Christ (Portuguese: Convento de Cristo) is a religious building and Roman Catholic building in Tomar,Portugal, originally a Templar stronghold built in the 12th century. After the Order of the Knights Templar was dissolved in the 14th century, the Portuguese branch of the order was turned into the Knights of the Order of Christ, which supported Portugal’s maritime discoveries of the 15th century.

The Convent of Christ of Tomar is one of Portugal’s most important historical and artistic monuments and has been in the World Heritagelist of UNESCO since 1983.”

I make Portugal dance!

Second dance class I gived here in Portugal today. I was a bit nervous if the people liked it the last time or not. “Will it come any people at all this class? Maybe they didn´t like it last time..?” went my toughts before the class today. But two minutes before it started people dropped in and soon there was more people than last class!

So the class went great and people laught, had fun and danced. They was happy and so was I. Mission completed. For this time at least. ;-P


Above: Tiago is training in the row and me is on my way to the class.


Here you have a few of the people who was in the class today- rest of the people was already away to go to next class. (I am always 2-3 minutes late to end my class so they need to hurry up to next one. Haha, sorry!). ;-P


Here you have me after the class in the room I am make the people dance like crazy. Hehe.

Legs & deadlifts

Legs and deadlifts on the scheduele today. First some warmup and the treadmill following by machines for my legs 3×10 or 3×15 depend on what exercise. After this it was time for deadlifts. Actually, it is my first time that I am doing deathlifts. And becuase my back is not so strong yet and it´s the first time I do the exercise, I did it with very light weigths and slow so I could focus 100% on the techniques and breething. Tiago helped me of course. Thank you baby! 😉


The first PT-session with my mother in law


Today was the first PT-hour that Maria, my mother in law, had with me. Last time we met was to do tests, measures etc. But today it was time for the training I put up for her! And she did sooo great!! I am so proud over her! She impressed me a lot and I am looking forward for the next training with her that will be on friday- and then I will give here training in the pool! =)

We worked mostly with the bodyweigth, some dumbbells and medicine ball and focused on the upper body to move it, think about techniques, find balance & stability in the body, and get going the bloodcirculation and feel good! And she did! She had more energy afterwards, didn´t feel any pain in her “injuries” and she felt good. Great!

Good work today Maria!



Chest with a shoulder-injury

Most of the times I do my “own” exercises in the gym but sometimes, like today, I´m actually is training with the machines. Chest was the main focus on this day.

But becuase of a small accident happened on my right shoulder a few years ago my muscles and my collarbone and shoulder is not in the correct place. It is not “bad enough” for any surgery but it is for sure bad enough for my back, neck etc: All the musclesystem needs to compensate in a different way wich leads to that some movements is not possible for me to do without pain and a big sound of “klonk!” in the bone! At least this one below was one of the “good” ones that worked out for me! Great!


Below: Some snacks- fruits, cheese and dark chocolate, to me and my love Tiago in front of a good movie and fire. ❤ImageImage