Extra job at lawyer-company

Since last it happened a lot: I got extra work at a lawyer-company here in Norway where I can work from home, it is only one week until I will have my event in gothenburg for incredible women who wants to achieve success in life. I got offer about two jobs, we still just live in a farm temporary and searching for apartment where we can bring our dog Happy. My fiancé Tiago is working fulltime + as a PT and coach in MMA, BJJ and more.

This things is the reasons why I havn´t had time to blog so often. And because of a reeeeeally slow internet. I´ve tried to blog the last 1-2 weeks but can never get into the pages but I CAN go in to other social medias without any problem..? Strange. Anyway- I hope this post will get posted! I hope you having a great day today! 🙂


The best for my body: Thaiboxing



One of the few sports that actually works good for my body since my injury is thaiboxing. Here I can have more control over my “own” body instead of Bjj, mma etc where I need to go close contact with the bodies. In the thaiboxing it´s not the same bodycontact so it works good for my back.

But. Of course my back is extra sensitive sometimes and get pain anyway. So then it is only to take it easy, to rehab, take walks and rest when needed. Yesterday it was a really sunny and nice weather here in Norway where I am right now.

So Tiago, my fiancé, gaved me some Pt-training outside. That was really nice. Today it´s raining so I will stay home and work. But with chocolate, coffee and nice animals running around outside it is a good day anyway. 😉

The gypsy-couple goes Norway!

Bye Sweden. Now we goes to Norway! It’s fun- the last 3 (?) weeks we’ve been in 3 different countries; Portugal, Sweden and now today Norway. And to travel like this with my love, Tiago, is amazing!

We joke and call ourselves for the “gypsy couple“; We’re always on our way somewhere and with bags on our backs. Hehe. In Norway we will be training (mma, bjj, sw, boxing, kickboxing etc) and enjoying the nature. It will be great. I will keep you updated with pictures when I am at the hotel with internet!



Ufc, church & kanelbulle ;)

UFC in Stockholm at the Globe Arena. A night that both the ufc and to be inside the globe was the first time for both me and Tiago. REALLY nice! And to get tickets for totally only 800SEK instead of 4400SEK and in the front parkett wasn’t so bad eigther. 😉 hehe. The fights was good. Most of our swedish fighters won. Great! And one fighter I really liked to see in the groundgame was Diego Brandao- he did every movement with such an amazing quality and calmness. It was beautiful! BJJ is a amazing sport..!

The day after (yesterday) we went to the service at my church- Södermalmskyrkan- in Stockholm. Really nice to see it and be there again. And rest of the day we spent home at my former dance classmate Linneas apartment. Food, coffee and swedish “kanelbulle”. Beautiful weekend!






MMA-gala: The Zone fc Survival



Me and Tiago went to The Zone FC (mma-gala) yesterday here in gothenburg. Some friends in our club Gladius MMA (and other clubs as well) were fighting. They did great performances and different results, most of them won. We liked the show even if Eddy get a bad knockout in the last match. :-/


It is always nice to go there becuase you meet so many people that you know, at the same time. First we didn´t had any tickets to The zone but the last week we got two for a good price. But becuase of the 3-4 hours of sitting down at the show yesterday, my back hurt a lot today. So the Visio Powerwalk I should have with my clients today needed to be cancelled. It´s better now but I still can´t bend down so much without a pain like a knife in the spine…

This weekend I also did some easy and nice pads-work that Tiago hold for me. And some slow submission wrestling at the end. That felt good. Now I will go and eat some digestives and drink sugarfree blueberry-soup!

A trick went wrong year 2006 – I went back to the hospital today.

(The picture has nothing to do with the injury – it is just a picture of me.) Image

Today I went to the doctor who send me to an ortoped for my back injury. I had less sensory on all my left leg. The year 2006 did I do a small and easy acrobatic tricks with a friend. He should simply do a flip over me but of some reason it end bad. He did the flip and accidently fell over my back! Hard!

I went to hospital for 4 days with maxiumum dosage of morfine. I didn´t get any skeletal injury but it was bad enough to not be able to be training for more than a year (and was in the bed almost the whole summer) and needed to do rehab all days every week in at least half year. The doctor told me it would get 100% good again. It didn´t. I needed to put my “acrobatic-career” on ice, I had to (and still need) do a lot of rehab and strength all the time. And a lot of times I can´t do all the movements in the trainings and not even in my normal day-movements. I wake up in the nights of pain and sometimes I can´t sit on a chair at all.

Naprapaths, chiropractors, medicine, rehabilitation, resting, acupuncture, food, yes you name it! I´ve did it all! I stopped with the MMA becuase of all the combination of movements from stand up to grappling and floor made my back dont feel so good. Now I only do the trainings and movements that my back feel good with. But it hurts to have it like this, both bodily and mentally. The doctor today said that I had good muscles and have been training and rehab correctly. He could see it on my back. So now I am waiting for a new and looong procedure to try to fix this in somehow…