Dance with the pain

Everyone in this world have feelings that wants to be expressed. Most of the times I think we are trying to hide and ignore them because it is to hard to face it. One of my many ways to express my feelings, sad as happy ones, is by dancing. It makes me feel alive. It makes me face my fears and face my feelings in a way that complete my ordinary days of doing that. Yesterday I had 30 minutes by myself in a big dancing room and wonderful music to dance, move and just do what my body felt to do.

To face all kind of emotions is a tool to create my life to be fantastic! It is no need to feel a shame about it. It is simply beautiful and living. Yesterday was an expression of both a longing, sadness, lonelyness from old memories, but mostly freedom to just be.



Struggle- it is worth it!


I started my fitnesscompany- Visio Fitness – for 7 month ago. It is going forward and I am so happy about it, but not as easy as many thinks it does. There is a LOT (!!!) of late nights work to make this succeed! Sometimes I am so tired and it feels like it is never happening anything. It feels like I am working, working, thinking, thinking, trying to find solutions, new partnerships, fixing the website, the layout, translate everything from swedish to english (and I have always been sooo SHY to speak english and that maked me to jump off all english-classes in the school!), find new inspiration, do the trainings myselfs, (and take care about this blog), put up programs to my clients, mailing, travelling, working, working, working and so on..! *Puh!*


And all this I keep doing because it is worth it! I now the success will come, in one way or another. Many people get a bit surprised when they hear me say that it is so hard to keep up this company. “Is it hard..?! It seems to go so good and be so fun?!” they answer me. And it IS fun but it is ALSO a lot of work! And in one way I dont know if I would like it and have such a big passion for this if everyhting just worked out fine without any work and struggle? No, I know that all my hours, sweat (and tears sometimes) is one step of pushing myself to learning and develop my creative brain. 😉

Or what do You think- would you want to have everthing without “working” for it? Nothing worth having comes easy.



Over one hour in the water


Last training was in the pool. One hour and ten minutes in the water to be precise. Great training that my body soooo need…

And here in Portugal you need to have this nice swimming cap when you are in the pool. In sweden it is no need to have it so for me- this was the first time that I became this “good looking”! ;-P Haha!


Above: Tiago is trying to kick me down in the water? =P

Below: I was a bit sour in my back after the back & neck-workout I did the day before my pool training… But it feels good today. I LOVE to be in water- I feel safe, happy and in a good mood everytime I am in the water. ❤ After all this I took sauna 25 minutes. Lovely. ❤


I make Portugal dance!

Second dance class I gived here in Portugal today. I was a bit nervous if the people liked it the last time or not. “Will it come any people at all this class? Maybe they didn´t like it last time..?” went my toughts before the class today. But two minutes before it started people dropped in and soon there was more people than last class!

So the class went great and people laught, had fun and danced. They was happy and so was I. Mission completed. For this time at least. ;-P


Above: Tiago is training in the row and me is on my way to the class.


Here you have a few of the people who was in the class today- rest of the people was already away to go to next class. (I am always 2-3 minutes late to end my class so they need to hurry up to next one. Haha, sorry!). ;-P


Here you have me after the class in the room I am make the people dance like crazy. Hehe.

Hardcore leg-workout!

Goodmorning world! Yesterday I did a hardcore workout for my legs and I already had musclepain YESTERDAY so you can guess how it will feel for me today!? Haha, nice!

I combined leg-exercises in the normal gym machines with more funktional, dynamic movements on the floor with 2 kg weights on each footwrist and one 10kg weigth plate (?) in my arms. I did different exercises as:

  • QuadricepsNormal squats (3×20)
  • Squats with lifting on leg straight/ horizontally to the side (3×15 each leg. Holding up the leg 2-3seconds every lift)
  • Squats and lift the leg and bent backwards (3×10 each leg. Holding up the leg 2 seconds every lift)
  • + four other leg-exercises that I dont know how to explain
  • + Exercises for abdominis (four different exercises)
  • (+ the gym-machines; adductor (inside) leg, leg press and one more I dont now the name on, haha! But its for the quadriceps)

After this- of course a good stretch and sauna and a looooot of water. Today is restingday and Tiago is working all day. Time to work for me as well!

Have a beautiful morning!



My breakfast; yummie!