Soon in Sweden & interview for a magazine!

Todays workout is done. And I finally found my asthma-medicine today it felt a lot better in the training than before! (Thank you Maria for finding it for me!) =)

Now it is only a few days left until we go to Sweden, mostly Stockholm, again. I´m looking forward to it. Even if I heard it has snowing again. =S I have, as always, a lot of meetings and stuff to fix when I´m there. It will be great!! So the last things need to be fixed here in Portugal before we go.


I also got an interview for a big lifestyle magasine in Sweden. That is really nice! I wont tell you yet anything about it but I´ll keep you updated how it goes, what is it and so on. The only thing I can say is that it is about to inspire others. 😉

Now it´s time to have some snickers and coffee in front of the fire (and between all the laundry and paperworks, hehe). (Thank you Eduardo for the snickers!). Dosn´t I have the best parents in law!? Maria find the medicine and he bought my favorite candy! =D



Chest with a shoulder-injury

Most of the times I do my “own” exercises in the gym but sometimes, like today, I´m actually is training with the machines. Chest was the main focus on this day.

But becuase of a small accident happened on my right shoulder a few years ago my muscles and my collarbone and shoulder is not in the correct place. It is not “bad enough” for any surgery but it is for sure bad enough for my back, neck etc: All the musclesystem needs to compensate in a different way wich leads to that some movements is not possible for me to do without pain and a big sound of “klonk!” in the bone! At least this one below was one of the “good” ones that worked out for me! Great!


Below: Some snacks- fruits, cheese and dark chocolate, to me and my love Tiago in front of a good movie and fire. ❤ImageImage

Life would be way to boring if we let the fearness control us!

For a few days ago me and one in my family was sitting down and talked about life. And she said that I was so cool becuase I am doing so many “scary” things and that she never would have courage to do it because she is a chicken. The I told her: “But believe me, I am also a chicken!”

She answered: “Maybe. But then you are an Brave chicken!!” Haha!


So the conclusion of this conversation/tought was that I think that everyone is ALWAYS CHICKENS in one way or another. But it comes to the point if you wanna be a shy or a brave chicken. Because it is actually just a choice that YOU need to take. To feel the fear but do the things anyway. That is one of my strongest mottos I have and live as.

Life would be way to boring if we let the fearness control us!

All the hitchhiking, biking, alone-travelling in different countries, all performances, competitions, start an own company, give trainings and teach people, walking on fire, the gliding and a lot more – I have been soooo afraid and been shaking like a chicken! But I did all this things anyway. Because I was sure that my life would be sooo much more awesome if I DID it anyway, than if I DIDN´T! And I can tell – It was true.

I love to challenge my fears even if it´s hard! And that is all the point huh? Because if it wasn´t hard and scary, it wouldn´t be anything there to challenge and to enjoy afterwards?


My fitnesscompany will make Team Power Women ready for Tough Mudder 2013!


Read about how my fitnesscompany – Visio Fitness – will make the Teamp Power Women ready for the hardcore competiotion Toug Mudder here (copied text from my website :

“Tough Mudder events are hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie. With the most innovative courses, half a million inspiring participants, and more than $3 million raised for the Wounded Warrior Project, Tough Mudder is the premier adventure challenge series in the world.”

Visio Fitness is pleased to present our latest collaboration with Team Power Women to participate in Tough Mudder 2013, which among other things we Visio fitness will provide training, Mixed Fitness Training, to get them ready for the big challenge next year! We will focus on bringing up their agility, body control and raw power in dynamic exercises to help them to cope with this tough obstacle maximum physically and mentally in a fun way!

Team Power Women writes on his page: “By participating in the Tough Mudder get the feeling of maximum performance, discover a team spirit that is hard to get these days and have great fun along the way. We shall, through fire, ice and electricity. “