Happy birthday Happy!

Today our princess dog Happy is having birthday! She is already 1 year old. Sweetheart ❤

Happy birthday our crazy girl! ❤ 

/Yasmin & Tiago



I make Portugal dance!

Second dance class I gived here in Portugal today. I was a bit nervous if the people liked it the last time or not. “Will it come any people at all this class? Maybe they didn´t like it last time..?” went my toughts before the class today. But two minutes before it started people dropped in and soon there was more people than last class!

So the class went great and people laught, had fun and danced. They was happy and so was I. Mission completed. For this time at least. ;-P


Above: Tiago is training in the row and me is on my way to the class.


Here you have a few of the people who was in the class today- rest of the people was already away to go to next class. (I am always 2-3 minutes late to end my class so they need to hurry up to next one. Haha, sorry!). ;-P


Here you have me after the class in the room I am make the people dance like crazy. Hehe.

I am so shy but here you have my first videoblog!

Time to start post videoposts! Here is my first one. Mostly about WHY I start to videoblog! See it and enjoy it! (And welcome to laugh about me. I am) Haha!

Sorry for the bad quality but I am sure you can see me anyway! I am so shy. But how I can do a thing like videoblogging and at the same time I am shy – That I will explain next time! Keep you updated! 😉