Hi Norway! (Pictures)



First BJJ-class in Norway

So yesterday Tiago had his first BJJ (brazilian jiu jitsu) class here at Kamphuset in Norway. And they seem to LOVE it! My backinjury is still hurts sometimes so no gi for me. Mostly it is the floor/groundwork (like Bjj and submission wrestling) that is hurting extra for me to do if I’m not having attention. But there is movements that works good so mostly I helped T to be his “assistant”.

The place here is so big- over 1000 square meter for gym and martial arts! Awesome! Now we are eating waffles and will relax before the Bjj tonight.




The gypsy-couple goes Norway!

Bye Sweden. Now we goes to Norway! It’s fun- the last 3 (?) weeks we’ve been in 3 different countries; Portugal, Sweden and now today Norway. And to travel like this with my love, Tiago, is amazing!

We joke and call ourselves for the “gypsy couple“; We’re always on our way somewhere and with bags on our backs. Hehe. In Norway we will be training (mma, bjj, sw, boxing, kickboxing etc) and enjoying the nature. It will be great. I will keep you updated with pictures when I am at the hotel with internet!




Yesterdays training was good! I succeed to do handstand on two small bars (is that the correct word?) for the first time in my life! I can control handstand normally on the floor but I´ve always struggled with this part- but yesterday I did it! Yeay! =D

I “celebrated” that with some movements from my own training concept Mixed Fitness Training, stretching and then we and Tiago went down to the sauna for almost 30 minutes and then jacuzzi for 30 minutes as well. Really, really nice! 

Have a nice day!



Yeay, I made it and could stand there with good control! =D


My love and me is relaxing in sauna and jacuzzi for almost an hour..! =)