The gypsy-couple goes Norway!

Bye Sweden. Now we goes to Norway! It’s fun- the last 3 (?) weeks we’ve been in 3 different countries; Portugal, Sweden and now today Norway. And to travel like this with my love, Tiago, is amazing!

We joke and call ourselves for the “gypsy couple“; We’re always on our way somewhere and with bags on our backs. Hehe. In Norway we will be training (mma, bjj, sw, boxing, kickboxing etc) and enjoying the nature. It will be great. I will keep you updated with pictures when I am at the hotel with internet!




Our dog in Portugal, we in nordic countries

Goodmorning from Sweden! This morning is an empty morning. Like all of the other mornings the last weeks! Happy, our dog, is in Portugal waiting for us to be done traveling. Its nice to be here in the nordic countries but I miss her soooo much!!! I miss to see her happy tail moving fast as a clockwork *tick, tock, tick, tock!* , and her cute and happy kisses she gives us when she see that we finally are awake!

I know it isn’t many weeks left now until she’s with us again but oh my what I miss our princess… ❤ 🙂



Life would be way to boring if we let the fearness control us!

For a few days ago me and one in my family was sitting down and talked about life. And she said that I was so cool becuase I am doing so many “scary” things and that she never would have courage to do it because she is a chicken. The I told her: “But believe me, I am also a chicken!”

She answered: “Maybe. But then you are an Brave chicken!!” Haha!


So the conclusion of this conversation/tought was that I think that everyone is ALWAYS CHICKENS in one way or another. But it comes to the point if you wanna be a shy or a brave chicken. Because it is actually just a choice that YOU need to take. To feel the fear but do the things anyway. That is one of my strongest mottos I have and live as.

Life would be way to boring if we let the fearness control us!

All the hitchhiking, biking, alone-travelling in different countries, all performances, competitions, start an own company, give trainings and teach people, walking on fire, the gliding and a lot more – I have been soooo afraid and been shaking like a chicken! But I did all this things anyway. Because I was sure that my life would be sooo much more awesome if I DID it anyway, than if I DIDN´T! And I can tell – It was true.

I love to challenge my fears even if it´s hard! And that is all the point huh? Because if it wasn´t hard and scary, it wouldn´t be anything there to challenge and to enjoy afterwards?