Photos: Fatima in Portugal

Beautiful, magical, gorgeous, amazing. Fatima in Portugal. A place of miracle, prayers and life.



Life would be way to boring if we let the fearness control us!

For a few days ago me and one in my family was sitting down and talked about life. And she said that I was so cool becuase I am doing so many “scary” things and that she never would have courage to do it because she is a chicken. The I told her: “But believe me, I am also a chicken!”

She answered: “Maybe. But then you are an Brave chicken!!” Haha!


So the conclusion of this conversation/tought was that I think that everyone is ALWAYS CHICKENS in one way or another. But it comes to the point if you wanna be a shy or a brave chicken. Because it is actually just a choice that YOU need to take. To feel the fear but do the things anyway. That is one of my strongest mottos I have and live as.

Life would be way to boring if we let the fearness control us!

All the hitchhiking, biking, alone-travelling in different countries, all performances, competitions, start an own company, give trainings and teach people, walking on fire, the gliding and a lot more – I have been soooo afraid and been shaking like a chicken! But I did all this things anyway. Because I was sure that my life would be sooo much more awesome if I DID it anyway, than if I DIDN´T! And I can tell – It was true.

I love to challenge my fears even if it´s hard! And that is all the point huh? Because if it wasn´t hard and scary, it wouldn´t be anything there to challenge and to enjoy afterwards?