Dog in the ocean

Me and Tiago rent an apartment at Costa da Caparica here in Portugal for one week (the other weeks we stay at his parents house more north of Lisbon. And here we have our dog Happy with us and in the evenings we are playing at the beach, chasing the waves and practice stop, sit and other basic stuff.

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Over 40+ in Portugal!

Now we´ve been in Portugal for a week, two more to go! Visiting my fiancés family, enjoying the beach and sun at Costa da Caparica outside Lisbon, where me and Tiago had an apartment before move back to the scandinavian countries.

Its always nice to come back. And. You feel you miss it. But we need to stay in Norway because of job of Tiago over there. But we are here around 2-3 month every year so it´s ok. 😉

Time to do lunch, then go to beach, swim in the oceans and later run with our dog Happy at the beach! 🙂
Take care! /Yasmin

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Keeping my strength up here in Portugal

I had problems with my blog but now FINALLY I can blog again! We are in Portugal now- eating good, enjoying the “winter” and training good in a really nice gym with pool, jacuzzi, turqish bath, sauna and nice art inside the gym as well! Tomorrow will me and Tiago get our friends, Johanna and Dennis with their baby Dante, here from Sweden visiting is. It will be awesome!

Now I will go to the gym again with Tiago!

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Two days until travel day!

In two days we go to Stockholm and two days after that we go to Portugal – me, Tiago and our dog Happy! 🙂 So it is a lot of doing before in my company, with the apartment and a lot of other things as well!

Happy thought I was boring that was packing my bag so she protested and wanted me to be with her instead. My sweetheart! 😀 ❤


Time to sleep! Goodnight!

I travel to Portugal in two weeks

In less then two weeks me, my finase Tiago and our dog will go to stockholm and then travel to Portugal to celebrate christmas. It will be great. I miss our family (his family). =)



I will give some trainings to clients over there as well. And of course, do some training my self AND relax. And eat good food in the sun. 😉 Nice.

My company goes well even if it still is a lot of work but not so much money, yet. But I started it alone, this summer so I can´t expect more. But I do what I love and I know I am good at it. That is enough for me for now. 😉 But of course, sometimes is it hard times. It feels like I dont have enough energy. But I guess it is like that for most of the entepeneurs, especially in the start.


Let the ocean remind you to love

Let the ocean remind you to love

I love this picture. Not becuase it is a photo of myself but the feeling of it. And the feeling I had in this very second as the camera shoots off.

Me and Tiago was home in Portugal this last summer. Tiago is from Portugal so I´ve been there like three times since last year. ❤ At this photo we are walking at the beach close to the camping we were camping at for a few days before we went home to his familys house. It was a cloudy but still warm day and an amazing moment with love, laugh and stillness.

With the feets in the sand and the water from the powerful ocean rolling in with the blue, green, grey waves… it is such a feeling. I love the nature so extremely much. And it helps me to remind myself about how much we have to love in this world even how hard times we get in our lifes… it is beautiful. Both the nature and the life. ❤