Photos: life in Norway








Training my grip as Spiderman (women)!


Sometimes I think the gym can be to boring but instead of NOT going to the gym I need to do “my” own trainings and be a bit more creative. Then it becomes more fun to be there! 🙂IMG_2882

And when you loose your motivation it is good to have your other “better half” there to motivate and push you and do the trainings together. =) ❤IMG_2860 t2


Keeping my strength up here in Portugal

I had problems with my blog but now FINALLY I can blog again! We are in Portugal now- eating good, enjoying the “winter” and training good in a really nice gym with pool, jacuzzi, turqish bath, sauna and nice art inside the gym as well! Tomorrow will me and Tiago get our friends, Johanna and Dennis with their baby Dante, here from Sweden visiting is. It will be awesome!

Now I will go to the gym again with Tiago!

IMG_1328 IMG_1320

I travel to Portugal in two weeks

In less then two weeks me, my finase Tiago and our dog will go to stockholm and then travel to Portugal to celebrate christmas. It will be great. I miss our family (his family). =)



I will give some trainings to clients over there as well. And of course, do some training my self AND relax. And eat good food in the sun. 😉 Nice.

My company goes well even if it still is a lot of work but not so much money, yet. But I started it alone, this summer so I can´t expect more. But I do what I love and I know I am good at it. That is enough for me for now. 😉 But of course, sometimes is it hard times. It feels like I dont have enough energy. But I guess it is like that for most of the entepeneurs, especially in the start.


I have the best job ever!

Today I gived the first of two Mixed Fitness Training-classes I will give to Team Power Women this weekend. They were awesome and I am so proud over them! 🙂 You can find more picture at their website here: and at my website:


Above fr. left: Emma S, Lisa and Puck. Three women from Team Power Women.

Tomorrow will it be more bodycontrol and strength for them! 😉

I love my job så much. Its amazing… and every sekund of the “boring-paper-work-that-you-need-to-do-as-an-entrepeneur” is worth it when you come to the room and give trainings to people and see their results get achieved and developed!


Above: Puck is training static and physical grip strength!

Capoeira in the danceschool

Capoeira in the danceschool

I found an old picture when me doing a capoeira move in my old danceschool in stockholm. In the background – my mum.

I started with capoeira when I was 11 years old. It has been in my life in more than half of  my life. It gave me more then “only” a sport – it gave me confidence to believe in myself, developement in my personality and a happier life. It actually “saved” me from get a not-so-good life. I was surrounded in wrong kind of envirement. But this helped me put focus in the right way. Thank you. ❤

Upside down-life

Life. Oh life. Sometimes it is uspide down in a… not so fun way. But most of the times it is great! Maybe also because of its downs. We take care more about life when we need to face the contrasts.

But I love to be uspide down. Not in a bad upside down-way but in a selfchooiced-good upside-down-way! I love when I do things I always been scared about (of the “good” things). To feel the fear but without letting it control me has been my motto.


Photo: Me joking around “upside down”