Healthy recipe: Lemon-chicken with tomato-garlic + avocado-dip!

















It dosn´t look so good but it tasted fantastic and it is healthy, pure food and easy to do! (This is a recipe for 4-5 persons).

Lemon chicken

Fresh or thawed chicken

4 middle big lemons




Half glas of water

Put oliveoil and some salt in a block and put the chicken there together with some salt and a little bit of pepper. Press the sauce from 2 lemons over the chicken and slice the other 2 lemons and put in top of the chickens as decorations (also). Put the water in the block and then put it in the middle of the oven for around 40 minutes (or until its not red/pink inside the chicken).


Tomato with garlic & onion in oven

Around 9 tomatos

2 onions




Half glas of water

Take a block and put one layer of sliced tomato and one layer of sliced onion and some garlics and then one more layer of tomato in top of everything. Some oliveoil and salt in top of that + water in the block and in the oven after the chicken is done.


Avocado & lemon-dip

2 avocado

1 garlic

Sauce from 2 lemons


Mash the avocados well and press in one clove of garlic. Mix everything with some salt and the lemon sauce. Done!


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