An unhealthy, healthy breakfast-recipe!

An unhealthy, healthy breakfast-recipe!

Today it´s rainy and sunny at the same time. The rainbow was shining on an orange-tree before. Beautiful! Soon it´s time for training again. And then relax all the day because today it is mine and Tiagos day off from work.

I did a nice breakfast with a yellow fruitsalad:
1 Mango
1½ Banana
2 Orange
An handful of hazelnuts
2cmx2cm small bit of dark chocolate (80%)

And also a small bread (I usually dont eat bread) with butter of soya, prosciutto, tomato chopped into small pieces, leeks, and just a small slice of cheese that tok half of it on my bread and half on Tiagos. Then some salt, pepper and oregano and put it warm in the oven. Done to eat a little bit of unhealthy things (not so bad to be unhealthy no?). Yummie!

Have a nice day!


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