Important with various training!



Photo: Puck, one of my pt-clients in action

Both the super-PT and one of my biggest inspiration-sources Jillian Michaels (click her name to go to an interview with her. Ps. Only in swedish) and the biggest, swedish trainingblogs writer Terese Alvén (click the name to se an article with her) sais it:

It´s important to have various training!

I so do I say! That has been my motto since I was a kid. With variuos trainingforms/exercises your body will never get used to only the same movements every time and that will make you get new musclepain in new places = the whole body get a good workout! It will also stimulate you mind (you wont get tired to to the same movements etc).

That is what my own trainingform Mixed Fitness Training is a lot about: to do various and different movements to let you body become strong, flexible and healthy in a effective and challenging way! Check out my website and see for yourself:! (Both in swedish and in english)

Have a beautiful day!



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