An exercise for You to try!


Today I died. In the gym. I did a short but effective and !!!!!!! workout! First a nice warmup followed by my own exercises. I love (and hate) my own training-stuff but got d*mn so good they are! I will try to explain one of the exercises I did today:

1 a) I lay down on my back at the floor. In my hands I have a 10kg weigth.

b) I have feets lifted up a bit from the floor and same thing with my upper body = abdominis

c) With my abdominis I push me to the feets to stand up position with the weigth above my head (straight arms) = legs and shoulders (and biceps if you have the elbows “stuck” at the weist and then lift up the weigth plate as a biceps-curl before straigthen your arms up)

d) I bend my arms back/over my head and back up to straight arms =  triceps

e) I goes down to squatting-position and then back to starting position. (Still no feets or upper body is touching the ground).

f) Repeat everything! (I did 3×10. The explication above is counting as one (1) repetition).


Do you want to try it next training? If you do – please tell me how it was for you!


Below; Some photos from today (other exercises as well):



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