Hardcore leg-workout!

Goodmorning world! Yesterday I did a hardcore workout for my legs and I already had musclepain YESTERDAY so you can guess how it will feel for me today!? Haha, nice!

I combined leg-exercises in the normal gym machines with more funktional, dynamic movements on the floor with 2 kg weights on each footwrist and one 10kg weigth plate (?) in my arms. I did different exercises as:

  • QuadricepsNormal squats (3×20)
  • Squats with lifting on leg straight/ horizontally to the side (3×15 each leg. Holding up the leg 2-3seconds every lift)
  • Squats and lift the leg and bent backwards (3×10 each leg. Holding up the leg 2 seconds every lift)
  • + four other leg-exercises that I dont know how to explain
  • + Exercises for abdominis (four different exercises)
  • (+ the gym-machines; adductor (inside) leg, leg press and one more I dont now the name on, haha! But its for the quadriceps)

After this- of course a good stretch and sauna and a looooot of water. Today is restingday and Tiago is working all day. Time to work for me as well!

Have a beautiful morning!



My breakfast; yummie!


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