Travel from Sweden to eat dinner in Portugal

Yesterday they arrived to the hotel in Lisbon- my grandma and auntie. My auntie I havn´t seen for a long time so I joke about: “We never have time to travel and meet eachother in our own country (Sweden) so I need to move to Portugal and you need to travel to Brazil trough lisbon to eat dinner with eachother!” Hahaha, what a nice way of having family-dinner huh?! ;-D

Right now in this moment they are probably walking around in Campo Pequeno and looking at the big bullfightning-arena before they will go back to the hotel and take of to the airport and later to Brazil after lunch. It was so nice to meet them! We ate a nice dinner at the Hotel Lutécia and we laught a lot. (Probably they thought we were drunk but this is just the way my family is like: a really happy and a bit crazy in a positive way!) Haha! 😀 Love you and have a nice trip!






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