Portuguise new year!

This new year was my second time I celebrate it in lovely Portugal. But I had (have) a cold and got an extreme headache yesterday and needed to go home early from the traditional portuguise party called Baile in an old fashion way and also with live typical portugise music. I went home and vomit!

But I was at the Baile when the clock hit the 00:00 and toasted the champagne with my Tiago and his family but only a small sip, eating all the twelve raisins (and make one wish for each one you eat) before I needed to go home… But after my stomach went empty I felt good and it was nice to be in the sofa in front of a nice movie with my love Tiago.

In somehow it feel good to have empty all the “shit” so I could start the new year with a “new inside”! Hehe ;-P

How was Your new year?


Above: Me, Tiago and our dog Happy who is a bit scared of the camera. ;.P

Below: The traditional party called Baile with typical portugise live music, dance and fun people! ;.P



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