The historical Convent of Christ in Portugal


Me and Tiago went to the Convent of Christ here in Portugal. It was soo beautiful, wow!! Here you have some photos from the magical place:


Above: This place made me remind me about life and this qvote I wrote on the photo…


Below: Yes, you know me- I can´t just walk around “normally” on my feets in this world without spreading some acrobatics everywhere in small doses. ;-P




Following text is from Wikipedia; a description about the Convent of the Christ:

“The Convent of the Order of Christ (Portuguese: Convento de Cristo) is a religious building and Roman Catholic building in Tomar,Portugal, originally a Templar stronghold built in the 12th century. After the Order of the Knights Templar was dissolved in the 14th century, the Portuguese branch of the order was turned into the Knights of the Order of Christ, which supported Portugal’s maritime discoveries of the 15th century.

The Convent of Christ of Tomar is one of Portugal’s most important historical and artistic monuments and has been in the World Heritagelist of UNESCO since 1983.”


Bad triggerpoint

ImageMy tennisball, sauna and walking will be my best friends today: I´ve got some bad triggerpoint at my trapezius (I guess if I feel my body good enough). It get worse all the time- can´t sleep (wake up every 5-10 minutes of pain), can´t move, can´t barely breathe without feeling extreme pain and so on…

I should give training to Maria today but as I said, I can´t almost move. But she comes with me to the gym to relax and she will jump into the pool and jacuzzi and I will probably stay in the sauna. And after that we will take the car to her grandma, eat some lunch, drink coffee in this amazingly beautiful day that is today and then go back home so I can work at the computer a bit.

I´ve got great advices about my back of my friends on facebook- thank you all!


Free weekend

Resting day from training today and Tiago is not working = relaxed day and going around in pajamas, coffee and cake in the city, fire in he fireplace, sun outside, a happy Happy who loves when both me and Tiago is home. Movie, food and some of the fun part of the work with Visio Fitness that dont feels like work: checking up places to spread Visio Fitness at so we can inspire more people and give training and health around the world! =)

And yesterday-night me and Tiago went to a local typical portugise restaurant, “O Chicote”, and ate a nice dinner with wine and then dessert. So nice..!

Have you did anything fun this weekend? =)


Dance with the pain

Everyone in this world have feelings that wants to be expressed. Most of the times I think we are trying to hide and ignore them because it is to hard to face it. One of my many ways to express my feelings, sad as happy ones, is by dancing. It makes me feel alive. It makes me face my fears and face my feelings in a way that complete my ordinary days of doing that. Yesterday I had 30 minutes by myself in a big dancing room and wonderful music to dance, move and just do what my body felt to do.

To face all kind of emotions is a tool to create my life to be fantastic! It is no need to feel a shame about it. It is simply beautiful and living. Yesterday was an expression of both a longing, sadness, lonelyness from old memories, but mostly freedom to just be.


Struggle- it is worth it!


I started my fitnesscompany- Visio Fitness – for 7 month ago. It is going forward and I am so happy about it, but not as easy as many thinks it does. There is a LOT (!!!) of late nights work to make this succeed! Sometimes I am so tired and it feels like it is never happening anything. It feels like I am working, working, thinking, thinking, trying to find solutions, new partnerships, fixing the website, the layout, translate everything from swedish to english (and I have always been sooo SHY to speak english and that maked me to jump off all english-classes in the school!), find new inspiration, do the trainings myselfs, (and take care about this blog), put up programs to my clients, mailing, travelling, working, working, working and so on..! *Puh!*


And all this I keep doing because it is worth it! I now the success will come, in one way or another. Many people get a bit surprised when they hear me say that it is so hard to keep up this company. “Is it hard..?! It seems to go so good and be so fun?!” they answer me. And it IS fun but it is ALSO a lot of work! And in one way I dont know if I would like it and have such a big passion for this if everyhting just worked out fine without any work and struggle? No, I know that all my hours, sweat (and tears sometimes) is one step of pushing myself to learning and develop my creative brain. 😉

Or what do You think- would you want to have everthing without “working” for it? Nothing worth having comes easy.



Crossfit or not?

A few years ago I saw crossfit and since then I´ve always wanted to try but I never did. Of seweral reasons. But the more I see it and hear about it my “reasons-of-not-to-go” starts to get further back in my head and my interest for it starts to get “first in line”…


So now, here I am, looking everywhere for crossfit-inspiration on internet, youtube, websites, photos and my own thougths that I think that my body actually could be really good at it at the same time I think that would motivate me to train more in a way that my body needs. As long as I really listen to it, do it with 100% techniques and so on, it will be great! Only thing is if my d*mn asthma will be a problem for me…?

One of the Crossfit-clubs in Sweden (gothenburg) that is one of the places where I get my inspiration from, is Crossfit Göta. And the guys who has it, specially Marcus, has inspired me more than he think since we worked at the same gym- Fysiken. There he workes as a Personal Trainer (and he is awesome!) and with crossfit etc. Hopefully I will get to go there for a class with them now when I will be in Sweden in february for a few days. =)

Photo: Me is easy trying some exercises with light weights to see how it felt.