This is why we plank!

This is why we plank!

Will you do the plank next training? I will!😉


9 thoughts on “This is why we plank!

  1. Hello Yasmin very nice to meet you, I love planks especially when youve had an intense work out and you begin to shake… I love it anyway nice page here. I will follow you, please do the same if you see fit too. Happy New Years and cheers to being healthy!!
    Isaac Hall🙂

    • Hi Isaac,
      Nice that you find my blog and that you like it! It makes me happy. I hope you will enjoy it!🙂

      Yes, planks is really great! I both hate it and love it the same time! =P

      And now I am also following your blog. I think we can find nice inspiration from eachothers blogs. Have a nice day and of course: Happy new year!🙂

    • Nice! Now I´ve been sick for a 1-2weeks and I will guess that it will NOT feel so nice when I do it next time…. for me it ALWAYS feels “ouch”! Haha =P
      Have a nice day and I hope you had a nice new year yesterday🙂 /Yasmin

  2. I love that picture! Because of that I know vow to hold the plank for as long as I can during commercial breaks🙂 Beach 2013, here I come!🙂

    • Oh great idea! And perfect for the people who excuse themselfs for not training because they “dont have any time for training”! ;D
      Good that you have a goal with it as well. The things get easier to achieve with a goal! Good luck and I would be happy if you want to keep me updated how it goes?🙂
      Have a great evening! /Yasmin

    • Tack you so much Peter.🙂
      Yes, the planks is great and as you say, its important to do the plank i various exercises so you get all the core. The core is more important than what most of the people think…🙂
      Thank you again for your comment and have a nice day🙂

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