This is why we plank!


This is why we plank!

Will you do the plank next training? I will! 😉



Sick = no training = more planning for Visio Fitness!


” Now it feels like I have my head upside down all the time.”

This night started without any sleep. Thoughts. Mostly about more healthy recipes, good training and exercises for Maria, my next PT-client. I couldn´t stop thinking! After a few hours of turning around in the bed like a baby, sitting up a lot and hard to breethe I could finally fall asleep. But the nightmares of the fever I got this night has been my “company” all the time until I wake up. Now it feels like I have my head upside down all the time. Swollen and sick.

So today there will only be one place for me- home in the sofa with a lot of fruits, tea and warm blankets! And of course I will work extra with my new website for my company Visio Fitness as well! The new layout and pictures etc will be published in less then one week! 😀 Great!

Have a nice day!

Surprise! Galaxy S Ipod touch for my company! :-)

Last midnight we opened the christmasgifts as usual here in Portugal. But today it is the christmas here compare to f.e. Sweden (my home-country) who had christmas yesterday. So today we had a nice lunch with all family, go out and drink coffee at the small village-café, meet people and keep eating the food, sweets and everything else that we have in home (and it´s a LOT)!

I got a lot of nice gifts and specially I got so happy for the gift from my love Tiago: And Galaxy S Ipod Touch! I will use it a lot in my company THANK YOU MY LOVE!! ❤

Now we have a small fire, movies in the tv and cosy clothes. Have a nice day! ❤


Gym, christmasgifts & Lisbon

It´s cloudy here in Portugal but it´s ok. Now we and Tiago will go to the gym, training strength and some stretching & sauna at Scape Life & Sensations here in Santarém and then go in to Lisbon to buy christmas-gifts. ❤Imagey2

Find yourself.


IMG_7220 IMG_7221Find yourself.

Be free. Get inspired. Find Yourself. Be happy. Get stronger. Find You.

Live. Dance. Training. Move. Make. Smile. Do things you are afraid of that controls you. MAKE YOUR LIFE.