Sometimes I am just tired.

Sometimes I am just tired. To operate an own company alone, do the website, update it every day, translate it by hand for swedish-english, send out mail to all my clients, check up new things and take care aout all the 4 partnership I have (yes I got one named today with awesome trainingclothes etc. That is really fun!) and a lot more. And on top of this I have an old injury in my back who seems to be worse and worse no matter how much I take it easy, stop training, doing rehab etc. This (and more that I dont have energy to put out on my blog today) is taking a lot of energy from me. And sometimes I just get tired.


But I know my goal AND I actually love my work, my company! That is what drive me and help me back on feets when I feel like I just want to close my eyes and sleep to wake up the next day and everything of the “hard work/paper, admin etc”-work is solved and fixed (and my injury of course)! But I just need to take a deep breath and keep focusing on my goal.

And I see develoment and improvements everyday! And I find new things and ways to take care of myself everyday. That I need to do to remain relaxed and happy. =)


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