Two days until travel day!

In two days we go to Stockholm and two days after that we go to Portugal – me, Tiago and our dog Happy! 🙂 So it is a lot of doing before in my company, with the apartment and a lot of other things as well!

Happy thought I was boring that was packing my bag so she protested and wanted me to be with her instead. My sweetheart! 😀 ❤


Time to sleep! Goodnight!


Sometimes I am just tired.

Sometimes I am just tired. To operate an own company alone, do the website, update it every day, translate it by hand for swedish-english, send out mail to all my clients, check up new things and take care aout all the 4 partnership I have (yes I got one named today with awesome trainingclothes etc. That is really fun!) and a lot more. And on top of this I have an old injury in my back who seems to be worse and worse no matter how much I take it easy, stop training, doing rehab etc. This (and more that I dont have energy to put out on my blog today) is taking a lot of energy from me. And sometimes I just get tired.


But I know my goal AND I actually love my work, my company! That is what drive me and help me back on feets when I feel like I just want to close my eyes and sleep to wake up the next day and everything of the “hard work/paper, admin etc”-work is solved and fixed (and my injury of course)! But I just need to take a deep breath and keep focusing on my goal.

And I see develoment and improvements everyday! And I find new things and ways to take care of myself everyday. That I need to do to remain relaxed and happy. =)

I travel to Portugal in two weeks

In less then two weeks me, my finase Tiago and our dog will go to stockholm and then travel to Portugal to celebrate christmas. It will be great. I miss our family (his family). =)



I will give some trainings to clients over there as well. And of course, do some training my self AND relax. And eat good food in the sun. 😉 Nice.

My company goes well even if it still is a lot of work but not so much money, yet. But I started it alone, this summer so I can´t expect more. But I do what I love and I know I am good at it. That is enough for me for now. 😉 But of course, sometimes is it hard times. It feels like I dont have enough energy. But I guess it is like that for most of the entepeneurs, especially in the start.


See pictures and text (in swedish) here, about the Mixed Fitness Training-class I gived to the team who will do the Tough Mudder 2013! This post is rebloged from!


Hej, hoppas ni haft en trevlig helg. I dag körde vi pass nummer 2 med Yasmin Ohmfrån Visio Fitness. Även denna dag innehöll annorlunda och kul övningar, så annorlunda att det är svårt att förklara i text! Tog några bilder och filmer för att ni ska se och få tips på övningar. Yasmin frågade mig innan helgen vilka hinder jag tror vi komemr ha svårast för, dessa valde jag:

  • Armgång
  • Romerska ringar
  • Vägg, ta sig upp och över en plan vägg
  • Ramp, ta sig upp för den höga rampen
  • Balans


Greppövning: med en kettlebell (16kg) i varje hand skulle vi gå fram och tillbaka (ca 30 m). Detta för att öva grepp. Att gå armgång eller romerska ringar hänger inte så mycket på styrkan, mer på greppet. Oftast faller man på det och därför körde vi några olika övningar.
Greppövning 2: häng en handduk över en stång…

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