Do you create shapes with Your body?


I hope I will always will be gifted to move my body in a creative way. I want to keep use it, train it, live it and create with it. Create shapes in all different ways. I love it.

Do You use and create with your body? Don´t answer me. Answer yourself. And if No- make it to a yes! Don´t “wait” for the oppurtunity or talent to come to you. MAKE it and CREATE it!

Motivation video: Anthony Robbins | Raise your standard & Change Your rituals!

I am sick. It´s raining outside. It´s ok. No training today. But I fill me up with motivational videos and mental training to the maximum!

I don´t care how sick I am. Or how sad I feel sometimes. I will keep moving forward and I will succeed in my defination och success! And how about you – do You keep going forward or are you still stuck in your same old habbits, rituals and thinking! Lets go mentally forward today!

Hello world!

This is my very first post at this blog. Here I will post mostly about my trainings, how it goes with my company in health & fitness, and how I will make it successful in this world and also about all the travellings and adventures that I am doing together with my partner in law – my fianse Tiago. Here you can read a bit more about me. From the menu “About me”:

” My name is Yasmin Ohm, 26 yrs, and I am founder, PT and groupinstructor of Visio – Fitness, health & inspiration, that is my passionated company in fitness and health! Thaiboxer, dancer, acrobat. More than totally 21 yrs of training experience.

I want to take every challenge I get in my life and make it to joyness! Adventures and a lot of travelling is not far away with me. I´m engaged with the PT and MMA-fighter Tiago Casaca and together we have our dog Happy, a Staffordshire Bullterier that we adopted and saved from Ireland the summer 2012.”

Goodnight /Yasmin